righteousness by the obedience of One

Rest in the finished work of Christ (Heb. 4.3-11), righteousness (Rom. 3.22 & 5.19), forgiveness (Col.2.13 & Rev.1.5), & sanctification (Heb.10.10 & 10.14)

My Beaumont Texas neighbors click here please

Click here please to visit my Facebook group that I started specifically for my neighbors to join and communicate with one another.

This is a group for born again Christians in the China (Beaumont) Texas area who want a place to fellowship and communicate with one another.

This group is not an appendage of any institutional church, nor will it ever be. In fact, this group was formed out of dissatisfaction with religion in general.

Everyone who promotes God’s grace, sound doctrine, or who wants to learn more about God’s grace are welcome here.

However, this is not a forum for debate or irrelevant discussion.

This site is all about exalting the risen Lord Jesus Christ, and His finished work.

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