righteousness by the obedience of One

Rest in the finished work of Christ (Heb. 4.3-11), righteousness (Rom. 3.22 & 5.19), forgiveness (Col.2.13 & Rev.1.5), & sanctification (Heb.10.10 & 10.14)

A disclaimer regarding interacting on my site

Hi there, and thank you for being kind enough to share some of your valuable time with me. I consider it an honor to visit with you about the passion of my heart, God’s marvelous grace.

Please consider the following disclaimer regarding interacting on my site:

1. This site is not a dumping ground for darkened thoughts. Nor is it a place for any form of antagonism, condescension, vulgarity, disrespect, or debate.

2. I will delete any comments that I feel need to be deleted.

3. Moreover, please be aware that if you “like” one of my posts, that post may change at some point after you’ve given it your endorsement, (because I frequently edit my posts).

4. And finally, please understand that just because I post material that originated from some other person, that doesn’t mean that I endorse everything that that person believes. It just means that I found something useful within that particular message.

So I thank you once again for sharing some of your valuable time with me.

All glory to the risen Lord Jesus Christ!

And no glory to us whatsoever!

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