(Here’s a post I made on local Facebook just now. If nothing else, it’ll let you know that you’re not alone if you’re in a similar situation)

Well it’s Sunday morning again, and I’m wishing that I had a true free grace fellowship to immerse myself into.

I’ve looked and looked, and I’ve visited and discussed doctrine with all kinds of assemblies around here, and I’ve yet to find a single one that genuinely teaches the finished work of Christ for God’s elect.

Pretty much all of them claim that salvation is by grace through faith, not of works lest any man should boast. But once you get into pointed questions about what they really believe and teach, I’ve yet to find a single one that really believes in God’s free grace for His elect. Their Christ-denying false doctrines abound in their teaching that the sinner must repent “of their sins” to be saved, salvation as a process, progressive sanctification…and on and on it goes.

Is there anywhere around here that really teaches righteousness by the obedience of one? Is there anywhere around here that really believes the accomplished work of Christ for His elect before the foundation of the world? Is there anywhere around here that isn’t ashamed to boldly proclaim the completed forgiveness, sanctification, and righteousness that the risen Lord Jesus Christ has lavished upon His vessels of mercy?
That salvation isn’t a chance or opportunity, but a completed work by Christ alone?

If you know of such a place, please holler at me.

(I’m not looking for a “fun” place, or a friendly place, I’m looking for an assembly that specifically believes and teaches what I just now described).