[A good post written by someone else on Facebook]

A Christian who tells hard truths is often isolated and doesn’t have folks giving them accolades or telling them they are amazing people. They are oftentimes met with silence from the world and even fellow Christians.

Although they are strong in their faith and don’t require those things because they are doing their best to walk in obedience and faithfulness to God, it is a hard journey.

What people don’t see is that many of those “hard truths” are things that God has dealt with them in their own lives about—that they have also faced painful truths that they have had to surrender to. That they are preaching to themselves many times.

What people don’t see is the burden of souls that weighs heavily on their hearts and minds, and the tears that are wept for those they see in the cross hairs of the devil’s traps.

They don’t see how that Christian mourns the state of the Church, which they dearly love. How every day the thought of souls going to an eternal hell fills them with pain and dread. Sleepless nights, waking many times with the urge to pray sometimes over someone specific, sometimes over all of it in general.

What most people see as hateful, judging words of intolerance is actually a soldier of the cross who is seeing the thick dark blanket of evil being drawn over their beloved family, their beloved church, their beloved country, and the whole world without so much as an objection from most.

It’s like seeing those you love on a railroad track with a train racing down the track, blaring its horn towards them, and you are the only one who seems to see it. You are desperately waving your arms, screaming, even trying to physically push them off the track with tears rolling down your face, and all they do is ignore you, scoff at you.

When you say you want to love people like Christ loves them, this is what that love looks like.

For the Christian who warns and who tells hard truths, keep yelling, keep weeping over them, keep waving your arms. Continue to let the Holy Spirit lead and guide you. Don’t give up no matter how hard it gets! If just one steps out of the way of that oncoming train, it will all be worth it.”