This is just a quick tip for anyone toying with the idea of joining a charismatic group.
[You want more “feeling” (more punch), in your worship & fellowship don’t you]?

I recall vividly my time in charismaticism as if it were yesterday, (the mid 1980s). The fellowship, the excitement…and the depression & fakery.

Everyone around me seemed to speak in tongues at will, and being around all of that, I wanted to be super spiritual too.
But as much as I prayed for tongues…I simply didn’t have the gift.
So I resorted to faking having the gift of tongues. (Anyone with a voice can utter concocted gibberish).
However no one enjoys living a lie, so I abandoned church, charismaticism, and God for decades.


I could cite many examples of charismatic’s practices as unbiblical, but I want this to be a short post so I’ll stop here.

Here’s a good direction to pursue:

Own the righteousness of God as a free gift, and be a reflector of Light to others.

All glory to the risen Lord Jesus Christ, and no glory to us whatsoever!

I’ve also made a couple of videos about this subject: