You may not have tomorrow, (or even the rest of today).

Be reconciled unto God right now while you still have breath within you.

I have a message of great warning & great hope for you who are reading this.
(So please pay close attention to what I’m telling you).

Recently, a close relative of ours that we love dearly passed away.
And it’s a sad situation indeed for many of us.

Over the last year or two, God allowed me to repeatedly communicate the gospel-message to that person.

And I don’t know if new spiritual birth happened to that person or not.
But what I do know is, that medical distress suddenly & unexpectedly overtook that person which resulted in death.
And whichever spiritual destination is happening for that person right now, is unchangeable.

So don’t ignore the fact that every one of us are subject to death every second of our lives.
Therefore please don’t take today for granted.

[This also goes for us Christians in sharing the gospel. We can’t afford to wait to share the gospel with people.
What if you postpone sharing the gospel with someone and they die while you are too timid to tell them the truth in love?
Do you really want that on your conscience?]

Be made right with God right now, by calling on the risen Lord Jesus Christ to have mercy on you and to save you while you still can.

~ You are deciding your destination of heaven or hell right now. ~

If you’re ignoring this issue, or looking to something that you’ve done as your salvation, (which describes most people)…you’re choosing hell as your destination.

But if you’re trusting in the death, burial, and resurrection of the risen Lord Jesus Christ as your entire rightstanding with God, you’re on solid ground.

So where are you with God right now?


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