Someone asked trump voters if they’d vote for him again, and here’s my answer:

No way!

I deeply regret that I voted for him in his first run.

I was later so horrified at what I’d done in voting for him, that I intend to never vote again for anyone (for any office). I’m done with politics & politicians.


the man who claimed Christ when he needed votes, but he only bragged on himself once he got the prestigious job that he coveted!


the man who claimed Christ, and didn’t even give Jesus a passing mention in his farewell address…

All trump did was brag on himself, while using God as a prop to make himself appear respectable!

What blasphemy!!!

Ya’ll can do whatever you want.

But I’m in love with the risen Lord Jesus Christ!!!

…not some guy who exalts his self.

[And if you’re a patriot, you’d better understand the spiritual darkness that you’re embracing].

All glory to the risen Lord Jesus Christ, and no glory to us whatsoever!

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