You know something?

Since God saved me, I hate my sin! It’s disgusting and it grieves the daylights out of me!

Never do I endorse sin to anyone.

Is grace a license to sin? No thanks.

But because I know the depravity of my flesh, I know that repentance is necessary for salvation, but repentance “of sins” is an impossible way to salvation/righteousness.

Turn from self-righteousness, accept your sin-guilt, and cry out to the risen Lord for mercy!

If I’m going to heaven, it’s gonna have to be as a free gift to me, because I don’t come anywhere close to God’s standard of perfection.

Which is why I celebrate the free gift of righteousness by the obedience of one, (Romans 5.17-19).

So I say to myself and to everyone else…turn from sin! Yes, always turn from sin!
But don’t ever get it into your head that your improved behavior is part of what gets you into heaven. It doesn’t.
Our morality is a joke, and in no way supplements the finished work of Christ as a component of justification.

The only behavior that gets anyone into heaven is the imputed righteousness of Christ.
His death, burial, and resurrection is the ONLY ticket to heaven.

All glory to the risen Lord Jesus Christ, and no glory to us whatsoever.