That’s such a powerful truth in scripture isn’t it?

When I read those verses, I think of how accurately God describes the world around me, His word bearing witness with my spirit.
And on another note about the online bible versions I use, here’s what I use:

I mainly use two online sources for my scripture verses: AV1611, and blue letter bible (pictured above).  [Both are excellent & each have their own unique strengths].

AV1611 is my primary online scripture source.  As it’s KJV only, (you don’t have to filter out other bible versions), and it’s easy to copy & paste verses from.  But it has no app version & none of its content can be stored in your phone’s storage, (so an internet connection is always required when using AV1611). Therefore I have this site bookmarked on my electronic devices for rapid access to scripture when I need it.

And blue letter bible (BLB) is a gem too. BLB has a bunch of study tools built into their format, but that isn’t their main appeal to me. What I like best about BLB is how beautifully scripture is presented to the eye for reading, (which has some customizable options), and how easy it is to jump to anywhere in scripture. And when you install their BLB app, it simultaneously installs the bible onto your mobile device. (So once the BLB app is installed, you always have your bible on your device without any need for an internet connection).