Trump’s presidency should serve as an example to every Christian as to why we are to NEVER look to ANY mortal man as our solution to ANYTHING.

Trump claimed that he was a “Christian,” as he conspicuously carried a bible around when he needed votes to get the prestigious position that he coveted.

But once he got what he wanted, Trump profusely bragged on himself throughout his presidency, (and his farewell speech was nothing more than the same arrogant self-exaltation).

Trump, the “Christian,” who didn’t even give Jesus a passing-mention on his way out of the job Who’s identity he used to get the job.

Never use God as a prop to make yourself appear honorable, the judgement from God will be horrifying.

~ Here’s also my video about the wickedness that is patriotism:

All glory to the risen Lord Jesus Christ, and no glory to us whatsoever.