I’m first and foremost thankful to God for giving me wisdom and guidance in everything, (including writing this book). Without Him I am nothing, and I could do nothing. Therefore ALL glory goes to the risen Lord Jesus Christ.

I’m also thankful to God for what I have in my good friend Michael LeBlanc. Michael is the person who recommended that I write this book, and he has been very helpful to me in the production of this book by his proofreading and advice along the way. Even my knowing Michael is an answer to my prayers from God. That’s because I had often lamented that so few people have a real passion for the things of God (outside of religious structuring). Then out of the blue, God inserted Michael into my life, and I’ve had so much fun visiting with him about Christian doctrine day in and day out. So let that encourage you, because it’s yet another example that God really does hear and answer prayer.

I’m thankful to God for what I have in my dear wife Melissa. She has loved me with all of her heart through thick and thin throughout our marriage. Few husbands will ever experience the intensity of love and commitment that I’ve been so blessed to have in her. She’s also been my companion in the Christian faith, as God has grown us alongside each other in both faith & discernment throughout our Christian walk. She too has been a huge help to my writing this book, as she has been the proofreader of my writing for years, and she has always given me helpful advice.

All glory to the risen Lord Jesus Christ, and no glory to us whatsoever.


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