Good mornin to you, and thank you for stopping by and considering what I have to say this mornin.

Recently I was writing about God’s effectual call to His elect, and a thought occurred to me that I believe is worth sharing with you.

In my writing, I originally described us saints (in our pre regenerate state) as a “hell-bound” sinner. But it soon occurred to me that such wording is incorrect. So I changed my wording to describe us as a “spiritually dead” sinner.

Now make no mistake, you and I deserve to be thrown into hell as much as the worst person that you can think of; we are certainly hell-deserving. But since we were chosen and justified in Christ before the foundation of the world, (Romans 8.30-33, Romans 9.7-26, & Ephesians 1.1-6) and since Jesus paid for all of our sins before we were even born…then at no point in our life could we ever have been “hell-bound.” We were simply enemies of God, spiritually dead, evil people… (like everybody is) apart from God justifying us.

Those people who are reprobate, (rejected by God), are the people who are actually “hell-bound.”

When God calls us to salvation, we know that we deserve to be thrown into hell, and we certainly feel hell-bound as we are undone from within by the Holy Ghost. But the fact is, our justification was executed by God in eternity, and is experienced by us in time at the point of God’s love when He chooses to reveal His Son in us.

Praise the risen Lord Jesus Christ!