When I read these verses this mornin in my daily bible reading (Psalm 97.10-12), I had to share with you what these words speak to me.  So that hopefully when you run across them, they’ll mean something special to you too.

These are among my favorite verses in Psalms, because they beautifully summarize my overall Christian experience.

I love the Lord, and I hate evil (both the evil that is my flesh, and the evil in the world around me).

God has made me to be a saint, fully sanctified, He has preserved me, (eternal security), and He even delivers me from the many snares of the wicked.

He has given me the mind of Christ, He has made me to be His righteousness, and He has made me glad about it. Why am I glad about it? Because I deserve to be thrown into hell, that’s why.

I (a man who was made the righteousness of God by God), rejoice in the LORD, and am thankful about His holiness. Why is that? It’s because God doesn’t cut corners, He punishes the unholy, and He makes His elect holy.

No iniquity can stand in His sight; what impresses man is abomination to Him.



Which is why I always say…

All glory to the risen Lord Jesus Christ, and no glory to us whatsoever