Good mornin to you.

Has your soul ever been vexed over the exhibition of man’s pride?

How about when you encounter someone who claims to be a Christian, but they always showcase their self, (rather than give all glory to their supposed Lord)?

Or how about the blasphemies of proud politicians, proud celebrities, and proud patriots? (When their mouth reveals their sleazy pride). When they declare their “faith in “God,” and their wording is intentionally-crafted to not reference “faith inthe Lord Jesus Christ.”

That’s how good words can be a blasphemy against God. (That’s also the reason why rabbinic Judaism is evil. It’s their God-rejecting/Christ-rejecting pride of self righteousness).

Which is also how giving, morality, religious activities, baptisms, public praying, or wearing religious jewelry can also be a blasphemy against God. (When they’re nothing more than endeavors to make the person appear or think themselves to be righteous).

[we are never to avoid publicly naming the Name of Christ]

We are nothing but hell deserving sinners apart from the free gift of righteousness that can only be obtained by the obedience of one, the risen Lord Jesus Christ.


All glory to the risen Lord Jesus Christ, and no glory to us whatsoever