[I preface this post by stating that I know that there are Christians who are in the service, or who are in some way associated with patriotism. However that doesn’t void the truth that patriotism is evil].

Good mornin to you.

Yesterday evening I saw a commercial on TV for the “wounded warrior project,” and a thought occurred to me that I believe is worth sharing. It’s also worth mentioning that I didn’t always think as I do now, but after God saved me, His indwelling Spirit has transformed much of how I view the world around me.

The commercial was a tear-jerker, just as its manipulative marketeers intended it to be, (not unlike the tone of the shriner’s TV ads). However rather than be led around by emotions, you would be wise to analyze what’s really being presented to you.

[Christians have the mind of Christ, (1 Corinthians 2.16) so if you’re a Christian, you should use that wisdom that God has given to you].

Should those damaged people be cared for? Absolutely yes! But they should already be fully cared for by the entity that did that damage to them, (the government). And since it’s obvious by those commercial’s pleas that the government is not adequately caring for the damage that they’ve cause to those people, then why in the world would you want to be in patriotic union with that sort of entity? What sort of entity lavishly spends your money and your children to end people’s lives & pursue the NWO, but is tight-fisted in spending your money to care for your children’s hardships after they’ve damaged them?

Every war (without exception) that America has ever been involved in was sold to the public on the basis of lies. Scheming politicians have agendas that the public isn’t aware of, and so they engage in deceptive theatrics to persuade the public to support their carnage-producing agendas.

So what’s the net result to your sons and daughters of their schemes?

It’s any combination of 3 tragedies:

1. They’re maimed.

2. They’re killed.

Or worse,

3. They’re infected with soul-damning pride.

Oh sure, the government will award medals, or they’ll throw up a monument somewhere celebrating the heroism of the people that they manipulated into doing their dirty work. But that’s all superficial nothingness. What that really is, is a recruiting tool for their next batch of inductees.
What does any of that prideful foolishness matter… if your kid spends forever in the lake of fire because their government-enhanced pride hardened them from receiving the gospel?
Pride is evil, pride is of the devil, and patriotism is wholly Satanic.

Please my friend,

don’t support sending family’s precious offspring to lying agents of the antichrist who will harm them.

May we all honor the risen Lord Jesus Christ by giving all glory to Him, and may we never take any glory to ourselves whatsoever.




click here please to visit a video that exposes the lies that got America into its wars