Hi there, good mornin to you. In this post, I’m going to show you how post-it notes can be one of your best assets in your bible-navigation experience.

Instead of buying those pre printed bible-indexing tabs, do like I do, and index your bible using simple post-it notes, (which are readily available at many types of stores).

And for what it’s worth, I don’t like a bible to be fully indexed, because it impedes fanning through the bible pages, (which is also why I don’t prefer full-yap bible covers). But there are a couple of places in a bible where having a few index tabs are downright handy. And that’s where post-it notes shine.

Here’s what I recommend:

• Cut off the adhesive part of the post-it note, (that’s the part that you’re going to use). I recommend using the larger post-it notes, that way you get a larger section of adhesive-paper to work with. (The post-it notes in this article are 3 inch square).

• Then cut that adhesive strip to the length that you want. (Remember that your adhesive strip is going to be folded in half).

• Then simply fold your strip in half, and stick it to both sides of the page that you want to index. (Being careful to not cover any wording on the page).

And be sure that your tabs don’t stick out beyond the perimeter of your bible’s cover. (That way they’re shielded from being pulled & stressed from making contact with outside surfaces).

What’s more, the adhesive on these tabs is gentle, and won’t damage your delicate bible paper, (should you decide to later reposition or remove your tabs).

And finally, post-it note strips also make the perfect movable placemark for your everyday bible reading as well.

So I thank you for sharing some of your valuable time with me.

All glory to the risen Lord Jesus Christ, and no glory to us whatsoever.