WOW! (In a bad way)

I’ve been aware of C. S. Lewis for years, (hearing him referenced here and there), but I’ve never paid much attention to his work.

Well recently I was trying to assess the beliefs of a small-town pastor on Facebook, and the pastor referenced C. S. Lewis as someone that he “liked.” (In fairness, I don’t know how much the pastor really knows about C. S. Lewis).

So I delved into discovering what C. S. Lewis believed, and what I read was nothing short of shocking, (found in the article linked above).

Go and read it, you’ll be stunned by the degree of Christ rejection and scripture rejection that he promoted.

Moreover, I DO NOT endorse the writer of that article that’s linked above, (because he was sympathetic to the heretical views of C. S. Lewis).




All glory to the risen Lord Jesus Christ! And no glory to us whatsoever!



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