The practices that are described in that post (linked above) is wicked.

I didn’t read the whole article, I read only a few sections of it and stopped. (So I can’t blindly vouch for the entirety of that article’s content). But what I read was enough to creep me out.

Homosexuality is evil, and because its progenitor is Satan, it loves to infect & molest the most innocent of God’s creation, (little children).

Why do you think that the wicked religion of roman catholicism is so full of sexual perverts? And what about the boy scouts? Perverts want access to children who have either trusting or absent parents, (and yes, I believe that the boy scouts is a Satanic organization). Why do I think that? It’s because they teach self-reliance & pride, (not Jesus-dependence & humility).


Self-reliance & pride are Satanic, (which is also why patriotism is evil). Click here please for more information about that

I recall a few years ago I attended a friend’s son’s eagle scout ceremony, (in a baptist church sanctuary of all places). And I have never had any involvement with the boy scouts in my life, so I didn’t know what was going to happen at that event. So anyway, part of that ceremony included a boy scout stationed at each of the four corners of that room, and each of those four boys recited a weird proclamation at a specific point in that ceremony. On cue, each one of them proclaimed something like: “I am the spirit of the east wind, (and of the south wind, and of the west wind, and of the north wind),” which was followed by a ridiculous wooden-sounding statement. (It sounded like something you’d expect to hear an American Indian say while pontificating around a campfire in an old western movie). And not one single word was ever mentioned in that entire ceremony about the Lord Jesus Christ. (Nor was there even a reference to the one-size-fits-all-religions “God”). There wasn’t even a pretense of humility in that group…it was all drenched in evil human pride.

(I got a little sidetracked there, but who knows, maybe some parent needed to hear that).

So do you want to really help a kid out? Then give them a love for the gospel of Jesus Christ, and keep them away from pervert dens.

Incidentally, when I attend institutional church, I don’t allow my family to be divided. My kids don’t split off from me to go to “kid’s church;” they stay with me.

All glory to the risen Lord Jesus Christ!

And no glory to us whatsoever!


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