Good mornin to you my friend…(with grinnin and Sonshine). 😀😇

How are you saints who are the righteousness of God this mornin?

This is just a little fun post I wanted to do to give you some helpful blogging ideas.

Okay,…okay okay okay. 😜

I’m so full of joyful grinnin this mornin, (hey, having been made the righteousness of God has that effect on a person’s insides don’t it)?

So here ya go…

1. Add (create if you haven’t already) “pages” and ‘categories” to your site’s main menu so that your guests can readily navigate to your site’s most vital information.

Remember that your primary focus for blogging is to share the gospel with others. Thus a visitor to your site should be able to find your doctrine, and salvation testimony (credentials) without any navigational confusion.

Make it easy to find: “how to be saved, click here,” (stuff like that). And whatever else you consider to be vital landing zones on your site.

This menu listing is also the place where you want to establish certain rules or conditions so that the visitor understands your guidelines, (and so that you don’t have to repeat them periodically).

(Click on my site’s menu to see what I’m talking about)

2. Make heavy use of categories.

This way both you and your guests can rapidly locate all of your posts about a given topic, (“sanctification” for example).

3. Use links to tie your reference to the source of your text. (For instance, if you cite Hebrews 10.12, then make your text indicator an actual link (“Hebrews 10.12“) to wherever you sourced that scripture from.

4. (Although I’m continually re learning this myself), don’t debate with people, nothing good ever comes of it. We’re all at varying degrees of discernment, and debate doesn’t help anyone grow in knowledge.

And of course there are always those people who troll around trying to bait people into debate, so when you suspect it’s happening, disengage from them.

[This post is a work in progress given the subject matter, so I’ll undoubtedly add more recommendations as I think of them].

But for now what I’ve presented is enough.

God bless you dear saint in your proclamation of the gospel message.



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