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I was born in 1965, and raised without religion. However in the summer of 2012, in the midst of my spiritual death and rebellion against God, He called me. God’s call was both unexpected and powerful. So powerful in fact, that the only response that I could give to God was to repeatedly put my face to the ground and beg God to please forgive me of my sins, (one of my pleas to Him was: “please don’t throw me away”).
And thankfully, God saved me when He formed Christ in me. He gave me the faith of Christ, and caused me to rest in His finished work, (the Lord Jesus Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection).
God did it all; I was merely the recipient of His love & grace.
[I was also baptized by immersion in the early days of God having made me born again by His Spirit].

I’ve also immersed myself into many different expressions of “Christian” religion, but I’ve regrettably found the majority of them to teach a false gospel of works salvation, (while claiming they believe that salvation is by grace through faith).

So who am I now that I’m born again by the Spirit of God?

I deserve to be thrown into hell. But God… has made me to be a fully forgiven, fully sanctified saint, who has been made the righteousness of God. I rest in the finished work of Christ. I’m dead to the law, and alive in Christ. my temporal, unregenerate flesh is only sin, but my spirit which is born again of God is perfect, & heaven-ready. All of which is entirely a free gift to me from my heavenly Father, accomplished entirely by the obedience of one, (the risen Lord Jesus Christ).

Eternal life, freedom from guilt, righteousness, sanctification, wisdom, joy, and purpose…Can only be obtained as a free gift by your being placed in the risen Lord Jesus Christ by grace through faith.
Everything that matters is concentrated in the Person & finished redemptive work of the risen Lord Jesus Christ.

I’m also a happily married husband, dad, & pawpaw, but my identity is that of “born again Christian.”

All glory to the risen Lord Jesus Christ, and no glory to us whatsoever.



Thank you for sharing some of your valuable time with me in considering why I wrote the book “Christianity Vs. religion,” (and what that means to you).

God saved me in 2012 when I was 47 years old. Which means that I had racked up a lot of sin-guilt and destruction by the time God formed Christ in me. Needless to say, my coming to Christ included a lot of fear (that I couldn’t be forgiven), and a lot of horror-of-conscience, (having been enlightened to my sins in a way that I hadn’t previously seen).

Over and over again, my conscience would be flooded with my sin-guilt, and I would frequently pull off the highway, go put my face to the ground, and beg God to please forgive me of my sins and to save me, (sometimes multiple times a day).

But as soon as I would get relief in my conscience about one old sin, soon thereafter another old sin would pop into my memory, and this process of begging God for forgiveness would start all over again.

I even sought forgiveness from people and made restitution to many…but my guilty conscience would always come back no matter how I tried to fix my guilty conscience. I was never truly free of that heavy yoke of sin-guilt back then.

I wasn’t raised in religion, so I tried many flavors of religion in seeking answers…baptist, presbyterian, assembly of God, pentecostal, church of Christ, non denominational, reformed, methodist, (etc).
But despite their doctrinal differences, the one thing that they all generally had in common was a profession of knowing God’s grace, but in practice, they denied it.

Religion’s double-talk only perpetuated my agony of guilt. Not a single one of them had the cure for what I needed.

God ultimately guided me to rest in the finished work of Christ, but ironically, religion was the impediment in my doing so.

So one night while I was all alone, driving on the grand parkway in Katy Texas, the perfection of Christ’s finished work (as applied to me) hit me like a bolt of lightning in my knowing.

When God’s grace came alive inside me that night, I literally screamed in an explosion of relief…I’m forgiven!!! I’m forgiven!!! I’m really and truly forgiven!!! As I jumped up and down, banging on my truck’s headliner.

And that particular event that night is the point at which I have known for sure ever since that God has saved me.

But that instance was very similar to all of God’s working within me. What I mean is, all of God’s work within me has been when I’m all alone, outside of religion.

And God continues to teach me things ever since then, (including how much of religion’s teachings are in opposition to truth).

So that’s why I wrote the book: “Christianity Vs. religion.”
It’s to help others to see the light that God has allowed me to see.

All glory to the risen Lord Jesus Christ, and no glory to us whatsoever.


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(The following pictures are representations of the joy that God gave me when He saved me)